AP | Updated: Apr 6, 2017, 08.33 PM IST

WASHINGTON: Aspiring federal agents who can hack a computer but can’t shoot straight could soon find the FBI to be more welcoming.
FBI Director James Comey hints the bureau may adjust its hiring requirements to attract top-notch cyber recruits.

FBI vs Apple: A complete timeline

FBI withdrew the case against Apple yesterday after the justice department found a way to unlock the iPhone without the technology giant’s help.

The goal is to better compete with private-sector companies who can lure the sharpest technical minds with huge salary offers.
In recent speeches, Comey‘s floated the idea of scrapping a rule that agents who leave the FBI, but want to return after two years, must re-enroll in the bureau’s training academy. He’s also worried, half-jokingly, that qualified applicants may be discouraged from applying because they’ve smoked marijuana.

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