Get a Head Start in the IT Industry With This CompTIA IT Certification Bundle

April 1, 2017 0

IT is a constantly in-demand industry, and having the right skills can lead to a well-paying job. But a crucial step in towards many IT

Greenland’s Coastal Ice Caps Passed an Unprecedented Tipping Point, and None of Us Even Noticed

April 1, 2017 0

Greenland’s coastal glaciers and ice caps have passed a pivotal tipping point – a new study concludes that they’ve melted so much that they’re now

New Simulations Suggest Dark Energy Might Not Exist

April 1, 2017 0

Ever since the late 1990s, physicists have been fairly certain that the Universe isn’t only getting bigger, it also appears to be expanding at an

This Strange Little Badger Stole a Cow and Buried Its Entire Body Underground

April 1, 2017 0

It’s not unusual for the American badger (Taxidea taxus) to dig a hole and bury food for later. But one busy little badger has outdone

We Finally Have Some New Insight Into How PTSD Occurs in the Brain

April 1, 2017 0

New research has shown that animal brains may not be able to keep up with the creation of a ‘fear memory’ – which could be

Scientists Think They’ve Pinpointed the Group of Brain Cells That Respond to Meditation

April 1, 2017 0

For centuries, people have slowed their breathing to calm their minds. For some of us, this takes the form of meditation or yoga; for others,

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