ADV: This multi purpose app is a must have for your phone

Here’s a question – instead of downloading and using a dozen apps for different purposes, wouldn’t it be better to have a single app on the phone that can multi task as a personal assistant and get a host of things done? Haptik is the one personal assistant app to rule them all!

How exactly does Haptik work?
This reliable personal assistant that is so needed in today’s hectic life. Haptik is a chat-based app where all one needs to do is type in a query/request and get their work done in a jiffy. The combined human and artificial intelligence with a response time within seconds ensures that all your work is done seamlessly everyday!

So here’s TOP 5 reasons why Haptik is a must-have app in today’s day and age:

1. Have the Personal Assistant send you reminders over a call
Are you always failing to wake up on time or running late for meeting? Or simply forgetting to take your medicines?

Haptik assistants can actually wake you up on time with the help of a call, remind you to take your medicines with regular notifications, or keep reminding you to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. All you have to do is send a message to your assistant and Voila you will get a call at the requested time.

2. Cheapest flight guaranteed
Booking a flight today is the most stressful part of travel. We often check multiple websites and spend hours in search of the best rate but Haptik ensures that you get the cheapest flight ticket every single time. Yes, no hidden charges or convenience fees- ensuring you always pay the least. This app also helps seamless web check-in, you just need to upload your ticket image and voila you’ll have the boarding pass on your phone.

3. Bid goodbye to stressful cab booking processes
Ola, Uber, and others have no doubt made travelling easier, but how many times do people have to struggle with finding available cabs in one app and then switch to the next one and so on? Haptik does all this grunge work and books your cab without any hassles. You can also schedule a ride, which means that on manic weekday, you always have a ride waiting for you. Moreover, there are cashback deals in store.

4. Chat to find free Wi-Fi spots, hospitals, ATMs, and cafes near you
Life is unpredictable, and you may find themselves in an unknown place with an urgent need of ATM machine, hospital, or even the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot – Haptik comes to the rescue yet again! Simply message and know what’s near you. So no more dealing with multiple searches on Google when time is of the essence and just send a message to Haptik.

5. All your mobile recharge queries answered here
Confused which is the best data plan for you or need to port your number and too much information to navigate through? Now you can simply message Haptik to find out all this information. They can also recharge your phone & pay your bills on the go.

The super-efficient Haptik assistants available 24/7, across India for free is a dream come true! Download it today for FREE from the Google Playstore or Apple Store and get things done over just a message!!

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