HP’s Cortana speaker is a connected companion for your Windows PC

Following the lead of Amazon and then Google, Microsoft is getting in on the connected AI speaker action with its own Cortana-powered devices.

First revealed by Harman Kardon with the Invoke, HP revealed that it was also looking at a Cortana device. It appears that unlike the Harman Kardon approach, this HP device will be a connected accessory for your PC. And by “connected” we mean plugged in.

Although the device hasn’t been fully revealed, Microsoft showed off the HP device at Computex, according to a report from The Verge and details from CNET. In this demonstration, it’s referred to as a “digital assistant” that connects to your PC and looking like Amazon’s Echo Dot, although these are only “artist renders” according to CNET.

It looks as though HP’s approach is to give you separate accessory just for Cortana interaction, but the need for it to be connected to a PC still baffles us a little. Microsoft’s plan is to march into all areas with Cortana, much as Amazon is doing with Alexa and Google with Assistant. However, this vision of an HP device currently looks a lot less practical than the standalone offering from Harman Kardon and the existing Google Home and Echo rivals.

It feels like there’s a lot more to be revealed in this story.

source : http://www.pocket-lint.com

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