Go-Jek is beating Uber and Grab at home, claims CEO Nadiem Makarim


Go-Jek, arguably Indonesia’s biggest and most well-known startup, is best known for its motorbike-hailing service, which runs through an app. Photo credit: Go-Jek.

Local ride-hailing and startup Go-Jek claims it is beating international rivals Uber and Grab at home in Indonesia.

“We have, if you look at App Annie, about 10 million weekly active users. Not monthly. Weekly active users. We have about 40 million or so downloads already in the country,” says CEO Nadiem Makarim at The Wall Street Journal’s D.Live Asia conference in Hong Kong.

However, some of these data have come under dispute.

App Annie tells Tech in Asia that while Grab had 42.7 million cumulative downloads in Southeast Asia for its iOS and Android apps as of end-April, its nearest two competitors accumulated only 24.9 million and 20.2 million downloads respectively.

Makarim further claims Go-Jek commands 50 percent of Indonesia’s ride-hailing market and 95 percent of the online food delivery market.

Go-Jek did not respond to Tech in Asia’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, Grab says it is leading in Southeast Asia, with 70 percent market share across the region for car and bike rides. Grab estimates it has over 95 percent market share in third-party taxi app hailing.

Finally, it says it gathered 45 million downloads as of end-May, roughly tallying with App Annie’s data.

Go-Jek, Grab, and Uber have been locked in a fierce battle to win over Indonesia’s roughly 250 million consumers. While Grab operates regionally and Uber globally, Go-Jek focuses on Indonesia for now.

Who’s truly leading in the archipelago is hard to tell. The companies tend to release figures that can’t be compared directly. Grab at its fifth anniversary event last week said it clocks up to 2.5 million rides daily, but that’s across all of Southeast Asia. Uber hasn’t revealed Indonesia or Southeast-Asia specific data recently.

All three offer a range of on-demand transportation options in the country, including motorcycles, cars, and regular taxis. Both Grab and Uber have experimented with food delivery, but Go-Jek’s link up with restaurants is more advanced. Go-Jek also offers more services, like cleaning and shopping, which Grab and Uber don’t cover.

Update on June 10: Added more details about Go-Jek’s numbers.

source : techinasia

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