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Amazon Pay was previously restricted to shopping on Amazon, but the new option allows customers to make purchases at several other retailers. Qwikcilver gift cards also have an expiry date.

Amazon Pay was previously restricted to shopping on Amazon, but the new option allows customers to make purcha… Read More

BENGALURU: Amazon Pay, the e-commerce company’s digital wallet, has just launched a payment option that more directly competes with rival Flipkart‘s PhonePe and other mobile wallets like Paytm.

It’s a wallet service, unlike the gift card option that Amazon Pay previously provided in association with Qwikcilver. Now, when a customer loads money on to Amazon Pay , it automatically goes to the wallet account (described as Money on the app and Web) instead of to gift cards.

8 gadgets that your smartphone has ‘killed’

8 gadgets that your smartphone has ‘killed’

If you’ve a smartphone then it won’t come as a surprise that the device has become ubiquitous and indispensable. From reading news to browsing social media, a lot of time is spent gazing at the screen of a smartphone. Why carry multiple devices when you’ve a “super-smart” handset at your disposal. The smartphone in one single swoop has made a lot of other devices redundant and put them on verge of extinction. We list out eight devices that aren’t needed because of the smartphone

MP3 Player

The death of the iPod Nano was the last nail in the poor MP3 player’s coffin. Once a rage, you will struggle to spot one – unless they’re die-hard iPod fans. Modern-day smartphones offer massive internal and external storage for enough space for music. Add to that the ever-increasing popularity of apps where you can stream songs and not download them, you realize that the MP3 didn’t stand a chance to survive.

GPS navigation systems

People often struggle with directions and when the GPS navigation system arrived it was a heaven-sent technology. It was more user-friendly than carrying maps and people lapped it up like anything. But as phones got smarter and tech behemoths like Google and Apple introduced their own navigation applications that were by default available in their smartphones, people no longer required a separate GPS navigation system.

Point-and-Shoot digital cameras

Carrying a pocket-sized point and shoot camera was quite the “cool” thing to do. They were lighter than DSLRs and took care of amateur photography needs. However, soon the camera became a focal point for smartphone manufacturers and the point and shoot fell prey to it. Little hope it had was lost when the word “selfie” entered the lexicon and became the fad. Latest trends such as dual rear cameras and front LED flash are clear indication of how mobile manufacturers are pushing the limits of bringing the best camera experience to the users. Most smartphone cameras even offer a ‘Pro’ mode that lets the users adjust the setting offered in cameras such as the ISO range, aperture and exposure to name a few.


The FM or radio feature was quite a clincher when smartphones weren’t around and people were looking to buy feature phones. The 1978 classic “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the band Buggles could be paraphrased to say that “Smartphone killed the Radio Star”. Though people still use the radio feature or app on the smartphone, the good old radio as a device has become totally extinct. Unless you’re shopping for antiques in Mumbai’s Crawford Market.

Voice recorder

Most journalists will vouch for it that a Dictaphone or voice recorder was one of the handiest gadgets to own. Be it for interviewing people or make notes on their own, you just had to have a Dictaphone. But smartphones with voice mics and recording apps made the voice recorder an obsolete device. Not only that, smartphones come with abundant storage space to save these recorded files and even let users easily edit them and immediately share and store them online.

Alarm clock

Remember school days when the alarm went off in the morning and you woke up to these beeping devices? Didn’t you just hate those abhorring alarm clocks and wanted to smash them against the wall? The alarm hasn’t gone but the clock has and we bet you to even entertain the thought of smashing your beloved smartphone. Smartphones allow you to set multiple alarms at specific days of the week with the ability to wake up to your favourite songs.


All smartphones come with basic calculator app and those who require a complicated scientific calculator they can easily find an app for one. Calculators are not completely extinct as schools/colleges require students to carry them for their exams. But, for day-to-day calculations, people are no longer dependent on them as it is much more convenient to access an app rather than carry another device around.


The analog watch has become more of a fashion accessory rather than a time-keeping device. Like for most other things, the smartphone is being used to even check the time. Not to forget that one can check the time of any region on your smartphone.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We are focused on addressing customer needs and to innovate to ensure that customers have a trusted and convenient payment experience. We are leveraging our PPI (prepaid payment instrument) license received from RBI while we continue to partner with Qwikcilver to offer digital gifting and payments solutions.” The online payment methods using debit cards, credit cards and internet banking are less efficient because it involves banks and third-party payment gateways that result in frequent payment failures, almost up to 30%. Consumers are often routed to the bank’s website to fulfil the transaction. With the new wallet service, customers can bypass the two-factor authentication for their online purchases and use it like any other digital wallet.
Amazon Pay was previously restricted to shopping on Amazon, but the new option allows customers to make purchases at several other retailers. Qwikcilver gift cards also have an expiry date.
Payments are key to internet companies in India because of poor data speeds and connectivity. PhonePe is seen to be doing very well and comes with UPI (unified payment interface).

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