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There are already long queues for tomorrow’s iPhone X launch

There are already long queues for tomorrow’s iPhone X launch

There are already long queues for tomorrow’s iPhone X launch
November 03
00:26 2017

In a blast from the past, there are long lines already forming in cities around the world for tomorrow’s iPhone X launch.

After the iPhone 8’s muted rollout in late September, the lines of people willing to wait overnight suggest massive demand for the iPhone X – despite its US$1,000-plus price tag.

In Singapore, there are “hundreds” waiting for the iPhone X outside Apple’s freshly-opened store.

iPhone X long lines in Singapore

Photo credit: Milton Sau / Mediacorp.

By late afternoon, there were already overwhelming numbers, reports Channel News Asia. “You need breathing space. This will take a while. There is no point in pushing,” Apple store staffers were heard saying.

After nightfall, one onlooker described the crowd size as “insane.”

In Sydney, Australia, there were already around 50 people in line earlier today, said

Photo credit: Marcus Barsoum.

One Sydney teenager caused outrage by snagging two spots with the aid of an extra chair. Lee Cselko, 16, then advertised the spot – 25th in the queue – on a whiteboard.

Photo credit: Lee Cselko.

He sold it after heated bidding among Apple fanatics for US$500, according to the Daily Mail.

Brisbane has plenty of overnighters too.

Over in Japan, the Tokyo queuers in Shibuya look well prepared.

Not too far away, the queue is long outside the Ginza store.

This is the scene outside Apple’s Osaka store:

Russians have joined in the action too.

Even punters in more distant timezones have started to assemble – like these outside London’s Regent Street Apple store

The lines point to a lot of people being unable to snag the iPhone X when pre-orders opened last week. Apple boss Tim Cook said recently that “we’ll be working as hard as possible to make as many as possible” in response to questions about whether there are enough iPhone X units to go around at launch. “We’ll see what happens,” added Cook.

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