The US nuclear arsenal is controlled by ancient computers

According to documents recently published by the US Court of Audit, most of the country ‘s nuclear arsenal is still running under ancient computers created in the 1970s. It’s hard to imagine, but the US nuclear weapons system is controlled by an IBM Series / 1 computer running 8-inch floppy disks. Intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads, nuclear bombers, and many other techniques largely depend on physically and morally obsolete computers.

If you are surprised that the Pentagon still uses such ancient “mammoths”, you will be surprised even more when you learn that the technical support of this and many other obsolete computer technologies costs the American taxpayers $ 61 billion annually. This figure is three times higher than the costs that the government spends on maintaining the work of modern computer systems. What exactly makes the military “close your eyes” to the current state of things? What prevents them from upgrading computers to modern models? Well, the answer to these questions is quite simple: everything is still working, and if something works, it’s better not to go there. This is the opinion of the official representative of the Pentagon, Valerie Henderson.

The US nuclear arsenal is controlled by ancient computers

Let’s compare the technologies of that time and ours for the sake of interest. The 8-inch floppy disk contains 237.25 KB of data, and more than 130,000 such floppy disks fit the modern 32 GB flash drive. If you add as many floppy disks as one packet, you get a tower 200 meters high. Be that as it may, the American military, although unwillingly, began to replace outdated computers with modern ones. From diskettes, for example, they plan to abandon by the end of 2017. And by 2020, there must be a complete change of military computer systems to modern ones.

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