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Nokia 9 teaser images are just fan art, according to HMD Global

The big omission from Nokia’s Android line-up has been a credible flagship device. The Nokia 8 didn’t arrive in a timely fashion and the Sirocco – while elegant – wasn’t quite competitive.

The Nokia 9 PureView might change all that. There’s been talk about a Nokia 9 for several years – so long in fact it has become something of a running joke. But it might be the flagship phone that HMD Global – who makes phones under the Nokia brand – launches at Mobile World Congress 2019

The stack of leaks, rumours and evidence pointing to the Nokia 9 is fairly extensive and the appearance of new images claims we’re going to see something special.

BaiduNokia Could Be About To Launch The Flagship Phone Weve Been Waiting For image 2

One website describes these as “teaser images” while another says they are from an invitation. We contacted Nokia for an official comment and were told that they weren’t from HMD Global, that they’re fan art that probably originated from from this Baidu posting, suggesting that this is all pie in the sky.

Until we see or hear anything official from Nokia Mobile or HMD Global, we’re no closer to knowing what the company has planned for Mobile World Congress.

Nokia has, at least, previously confirmed that it is holding an event at Mobile World Congress, but so far there’s no word on what we’re actually doing to see. We do know that MWC 2019 will probably give us the LG G8, new Huawei phones, something from Sony Mobile and a whole lot more.

source : http://www.pocket-lint.com

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