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Connected Kerb could be the city solution that supercharges electric cars

Connected Kerb has rolled out the first of its innovative electric charging points in Southwark, London, as it looks to address the problem of EV charging infrastructure.

One of the most common issues cited by those considering electric vehicles is where they will charge the car. With chargers in shopping centres, car parks and slowly appearing on fuel station forecourts, we’re still some way from charging being a seamless experience – especially if you don’t have a driveway for residential charging.

Connected Kerb could provide the solution, however. The system allows for discreet kerbside charging points, allowing EV owners to drive up and charge when parked at the kerbside. With charging points integrated into poles, lampposts or in ground units, it provides access without being intrusive on the pavement.

The clever thing is that most of the brains of the unit is underground – so it’s less likely to get damaged – and the target isn’t high speed, high volume charging, it’s longer term residential parking at slower charging speeds – so it’s going to be the sort of solution that works down many urban residential streets.

However, Connected Kerb does more than just supply the power: these are smart charging points too, providing traffic monitoring data and weather to the council, for example, as well as supporting 5G connected car functions in the future, according to the company. One of the advantages being pushed by the company is the ability to establish a high speed Wi-Fi network that local residents could use.

In the case of Southwark Council, the new charging points have been installed in conjunction with Virgin Media for the fibre connection and Nation Grid for the power. This is just the start of the deployment of this solution, but it could unlock electric vehicles for a lot more users.

source : http://www.pocket-lint.com

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