Valve’s Steam Link app is finally available for iOS and Apple TV

Valve’s Steam Link app is now available on iOS devices and the Apple TV, almost a year after Apple initially rejected it for “business conflicts.” Steam Link allows you to beam your existing library of PC games to other devices on the same network; the app is Valve’s replacement for a now-discontinued streaming box that carried the same name.

The news comes days after the Supreme Court ruled that Apple must face an antitrust lawsuit related to alleged monopolistic practices around the App Store. It’s notable, however, that the new iOS Steam Link app doesn’t allow users to purchase games from the Steam store, unlike on Android.

Banning an app that streamed games that had already been purchased on another platform seemed hard to justify even within the scope of Apple’s App Store rules, especially after those rules were updated specifically to accommodate similar remote mirroring apps last summer. Valve removed the store functionality in Steam Link betas back in June, however, so it’s unclear why it took so long for Apple to approve the app.

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