India is one of the Fastest Growing Regions for PTC Globally

PTC Inc. is a computer software and services company offering digital transformation solutions to unlock the value of IIoT. The company specialises in providing solutions in IoT, augmented reality, CAD, PLM and more.

In a tete-a-tete with Aamir H Kaki of EFY, Kalyan Sridhar, Managing Director, PTC, talks at length about India’s IoT market, challenges in smart manufacturing, PTC’s business strategy, centres of excellence and a lot more.

Q. PTC is a part of ‘Smart Manufacturing Cyber Physical Facility’ that is being launched at IIT Delhi recently. How did this collaboration take place? What role is PTC playing in this centre?

Kalyan Sridhar, Managing Director, PTC

The Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) and Automation Industry Association (AIA)’s interest was to set up a world class facility and wanted industry leaders to be a part of this centre. With its rich history and market leading technology, PTC was a clear choice for them to partner with. It is a direct collaboration with IIT-Delhi wherein we are investing by way of providing them with our technology, use cases and expertise.

Q. PTC is also part of seven transformation centres across the globe. Why is the need for having local centres?

The core objective of this transformation centre is to make it easier for our India customers from a reach standpoint. Localisation, apart from the reach, will also help as we will be able to relate to the challenges a lot better and help them address them a lot faster.

Q. What is the primary objective of PTC while setting up such CoEs and transformation centres?

We belive that these transformation centres help companies realise the potential of Industrie 4 .0, while simultaneously build talent which can not only help individual companies but industries as well at a larger scale. The primary objective is to help organisations on their digital transformation journey as well as to help provide skills.

Q. How can this transformation centre help in smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0 in India?

One of the core challenges that companies are facing today in their digital transformation journey is ‘not knowing where to start’. This transformation centre can help them with ideas and a blueprint for their digital transformation.

Q. With technological advancements happening at a fast pace, India still lags behind in the implementation of Industry 4.0. In your opinion, what are the reasons?

The primary reason is lack of infrastructure and network readiness. Secondly, it is lack of skills, which are very critical. A lot of manufacturing industries need to jump from industrial revolution 2.0 to 4.0. The last reason is acceptance – people wanting to embrace new technology have to believe that this transformation is going to help them in their next phase of growth.

Q. How PTC is capitalising IoT for its solutions?

Firstly, we have the offerings to help customers in their IoT journey. Be it Thingworx, the marklet leading IoT platform that helps deliver purpose built industrial IoT appliocations or Vuforia, our Augmented Reality (AR) platform.

PTC is uniquely positioned as it is one of the few companies that provides a suite of technologies that can help companies through the lifecycle of the product – from design to engineering and from manufacturing to deploying products in the market and after-sales service.

We have successfully implemented IoT solutions across a multitude of customers in India and globally. We can bring in that expertise to help more customers on their journey. The digital transformation centre that we have established here is also another way we help our clients.

Q. According to you, what are the major segments that will drive the demand for IoT in India?

IoT is all pervasive. While we can provide solutions across segments, our core focus is around automotive, oil and gas, process industries, electronics and hitech and industrial equipments. Some of the macro trends are also driving the demand for Industrial IoT in India.

Q. How PTC is looking at Indian market? What strategy you are following to expand your business in India?

India is an extremely important and strategic market for PTC. We have had significant growth (high triple digit cumulative growth over the last three years) and is one of the fastest growing regions or PTC across the globe. Our R&D presence in India is very significant with almost 70 per cent of the global R&D team based here.  Our investments will continue to grow in India.

Q. Please share how much investment are you putting in R&D in India.

We have 70 per cent R&D workforce in India and a significant amount of investment goes into it in terms of product development.

Q. What fraction of your overall business is the IoT-related business?

It’s growing to become a significant part of our business. We have quadrapuled our IoT revenues over the past two years. We see a very strong growth potential based on our first half performance this year and in the near future as well.

Q. Is PTC taking part in smart city projects or any other government related projects?

We are taking part in the Skill Development Initiative in a big way and part of what we are doing with IIT Delhi is a step towards that. We are also in talks with various State Governments around skill development and will continue to help drive the Make in India agenda. We are also working with our system integrators on smart cities.

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