The best Samsung Galaxy deals: S20 Ultra, S20+, S20, Note 10+, Note 10, S10 5G, S10+, S10 and S10e

Looking around for the best deals on a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone this month? Then let us help you out, as we round up all the best Samsung phone deals, saving you all the trouble.

Not only do these deals cover the S20 Ultra, S20+ and S0, but also the Note 10+, Note 10 and S10s. 

All of which means we have ideal deals to suit everyone’s taste or budgets, and we even have a Samsung deal selector tool as well, helping you find your perfect plan and we have factored in the TCO. That’s the total cost of ownership, across the length of the contract.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (5G)

On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a huge spec monster. But that brings with it huge expectations and a huge price, which ultimately it struggles to quite live up to. There’s a lot that’s impressive in the camera, but it falls short in some areas, while the battery life isn’t competitive. In many ways, this is a phone that’s trying too hard.


We recommend the EE deal for the S20 Ultra with unlimited data, minutes and texts at £64 a month (£99.99 upfront). That’s was the cost for 30GB with Mobile Phones Direct (TCO £1004.99).  View the Ultra offer in Black


Samsung Galaxy S20+ (5G)

Samsung has been making great phones for a long time and the Galaxy S20+ follows along where you expect it to go. The affordability of the Galaxy S20 might attract some, but for many, the S20+ is going to be a great flagship experience.


The most outstanding offer for the S20+ is with Three and sports a 100GB of data coming in at £45 a month (£49 upfront fee). You’ll get unlimited data here for some apps, such as Netflix, Snapchat and more (TCO £1004.99).  See the S20+ offer in Black


Samsung Galaxy S20

In previous years, a recommendation for the regular sized Galaxy S normally came with a caveat about battery life. With the S20, that’s not necessary: this is a great flagship phone, full stop.


 O2 has a leading setup for the S20 (4G) that has a 90GB data offer for £40 a month (£44.99 upfront cost). That’s was the cost for 30GB with Mobile Phones Direct (TCO £1004.99).  View the S20 deal in Grey | Blue | Pink



Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ deals

It’s all about the S Pen stylus. That, ultimately, is what makes the Note 10+ a king in among the crowd, because it’s a genuinely useful point of difference. It’s a necessary one, too, as the battery life, connectivity and cameras simply aren’t class-leading any more – which is a shame, as the Note once held such accolades.


We like the look of the O2 offer for the 10+ with a 60GB data allowance for £46 a month (£93.99 upfront ) via buymobiles. That has access with O2 Wi-Fi and priority for discounts (TCO £1173.99(. View the Note 10+ deal in Black



Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals

A Note with a smaller screen, but all that S Pen performance. There have been some compromises made to this flagship device to present a smaller model, but in reality, if you’ve always thought the Note was too big for you – you finally have a smaller and cheaper device to choose.


• We recommend the Vodafone offer for the Note 10, sporting unlimited data, minutes and texts for £46 a month (£39.99 upfront fee) via buymobiles (TCO £1143.99). See the Note deal in Black



Best Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deals

It’s hard not to view this 6.7-inch phone as an ‘S10++ with 5G’. But it’s an accomplished device. Sure, the cameras aren’t pretty, and the Note 10+ throws a spanner in the works, but if it’s 5G you want right now then the S10 5G is the option to go for, as it’s lighter and smaller than its main rivals.


• There’s a decent deal for the 5G S10 with 100GB data on Three, minutes and texts for £35 a month (£34.99 upfront) via buymobiles. There’s unlimited data for apps such as Netflix, Snapchat and more with a total cost of ownership of £874.99. View the S10 5G deal in Black | Silver 



Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ deals

Ultimately, there’s a lot in the Samsung Galaxy S10+ that’s the same as before. If you’re looking for refreshed excitement then the Galaxy S10+ doesn’t really offer that. But it does offer a great experience with strengths in all areas and will certainly be one of the best phones of 2019.


We’ve spotted a good deal for the S10+ on EE and it’s accompanied by 50GB of data for £35 a month (£59.99 upfront fee) from Afforable Mobiles, with unlimited minutes/texts. That has britbox and Apple Music access free for six months, BT sport for three. (TCO £899.99). View the S10+ deal in Black | White | Green 



Best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

A compact and powerful phone that offers a great consistent experience. The battery life isn’t great and the camera isn’t best in class when it comes to mode challenging situations. The software remains some of the most mature and comprehensive making it a pleasure to use, but there are equally-powerful rivals available for less money.


The most outstanding S10 offer has a 100GB data allowance costing £30 a month on Three , with UL mins/texts. That’s on the Go Binge plan with unlimited data for Netflix, Snapchat and more (TCO £749). View the S10 deal in Black


Search for the best Samsung Galaxy contract deals

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