African experiments with drone technologies could leapfrog decades of infrastructure neglect

September 16, 2018 0

Jake Bright Contributor More posts by this contributor Harley-Davidson is opening a Silicon Valley R&D center to power EV production With a $10 million round,

Facebook is hiring a director of human rights policy to work on “conflict prevention” and “peace-building”

September 16, 2018 0

Facebook is advertising for a human rights policy director to join its business, located either at its Menlo Park HQ or in Washington DC —

The 21-day bitcoin challenge

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There is a documentary series currently airing on iQiyi, China’s Netflix equivalent, about a Chinese bitcoin enthusiast who attempts to survive 21 days by merely

Asia tech news roundup – Nov 9

November 10, 2017 0

Shenzhen, Tencent’s hometown. Photo credit: bingfengwu / 123RF. Tencent has been in the headlines again today, investing big sums into electric vehicle (EV) maker Nio

Asia tech news roundup – Nov 8

November 9, 2017 0

Photo credit: leungchopan / 123RF. The Fragrant Harbor dominated tech business news today, with big investments for local startups WeLab and BottlesXO, and a seemingly

Asia tech news roundup – Nov 7

November 8, 2017 0

ShopBack’s head of international expansion, Josephine Chow. ShopBack, DocTalk, and AnchorDX are among the startups that secured funding in Asia today. Ecommerce ShopBack gets US$25 million

Asia tech news roundup – Nov 6

November 7, 2017 0

Shenzhen. Tencent’s headquarters is the tallest building. Photo credit: bingfengwu / 123RF. Major players SoftBank and Tencent dominated Asian tech news today and over the

Indonesian fintech in 2018: Better regulation, stronger ecosystem

November 7, 2017 0

Photo credit: Unsplash If you are in the fintech space, look no further than Indonesia. The pie is growing, with more than 150 fintech startups

Asian tech news roundup – Nov 3

November 4, 2017 0

Photo credit: kasto / 123RF. A lot of money flowed into “edtech” startups today, with India’s Meritnation and Vagupu securing close to US$7 million between

Asian tech news roundup – Nov 2

November 3, 2017 0

Photo credit: Razer. Razer releases its first phone, Didi gets into vehicle charging, and a new Visa-approved cryptocurrency card arrives in Singapore. Here are some