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Two security researchers earned $60,000 for hacking an Amazon Echo

November 9, 2019 0

Two security researchers have been crowned the top hackers in this year’s Pwn2Own hacking contest after developing and testing several high profile exploits, including an

Arm brings custom instructions to its embedded CPUs

October 8, 2019 0

At its annual TechCon event in San Jose, Arm today announced Custom Instructions, a new feature of its Armv8-M architecture for embedded CPUs that, as

Monetization of IoT Attacks is Increasing: Trend Micro

September 23, 2019 0

Trend Micro urges manufacturers to partner with IoT security experts to mitigate cyber-related risks from the design phase Cybercriminals across the globe are actively discussing

STM32Trust: A Set of Cyber-Protection Resources for IoT Designers

August 10, 2019 0

The STM32Trust solution offers a complete toolset for code and execution protection. The STM32Trust resources include design tools, evaluated reference material and free software. Designers

Led by Rise in Connected Devices, PoE Solutions Market to Reach US$ 2 Billion by 2025

June 14, 2019 0

The PoE solutions market in Asia Pacific is likely to grow at a CAGR of 20 per cent due to increased automation across several industries

Rising Need for Zero-Latency Data Transfer Accelerates Edge Computing Market

June 7, 2019 0

For greater growth opportunities, data centre operators and owners should invest in edge through a merger, acquisition or collaboration with an edge-focused firm –  says

Business Opportunities IoT-enabled Home Devices Offer to Brands

May 28, 2019 0

IoT connected devices come with a plethora of data, which can be used wisely to get into strategic partnership with various stakeholders By Smriti Talwar

Number of Connected Devices to Reach 50 Billion by 2050: Report

May 27, 2019 0

Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be the leading segment, accounting for over 50 per cent of the market, followed by mobile/computing The number

Our Aim is to Make all the Devices IoT Enabled by 2020: Samsung

May 26, 2019 0

Samsung is betting big on IoT and AI to connect homes of the future. In an exclusive interview for EFY, Rajeev Bhutani, Senior Vice President,

Smart Cities have been one of the Strongest Enablers of IoT: KPMG

May 24, 2019 0

IoT has a potential economic value of around US$ 4 to US$ 11 trillion a year by 2025 and India alone is going to create

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