Index Ventures’ Nina Achadjian and Sarah Cannon: ‘There’s basically an infinite bid’ for growth-stage startups

October 3, 2020 0

The venture world is swimming in capital these days, and the flood doesn’t appear to be abating. That’s changing the game for venture capitalists and

Latin America’s digital transformation is making up for lost time

October 1, 2020 0

Julio Vasconcellos Contributor Julio Vasconcellos is the managing partner of Atlantico, a venture capital fund focused on Latin America. He was previously the founder of

Healthcare entrepreneurs should prepare for an upcoming VC/PE bubble

September 29, 2020 0

Bird Blitch Contributor Bird Blitch is the CEO of Patientco, a payment technology company founded specifically to rethink the healthcare payment experience. While many industries

Calling Helsinki VCs: Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC

September 26, 2020 0

TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey the venture capital investors of Europe, and their cities. Our survey of VCs in Helsinki

Want to hire and retain high-quality developers? Give them stimulating work

September 25, 2020 0

Phil Alves Contributor Devsquad founder and CEO Phil Alves is an expert entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the tech industry leading

3 founders on why they pursued alternative startup ownership structures

September 24, 2020 0

There is no one-size-fits all model for building a startup. At TechCrunch Disrupt, we heard from a handful of founders about alternative approaches to creating

Fundraising lessons from David Rogier of MasterClass

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Nathan Beckord Contributor More posts by this contributor Are you ready for the coming wave of VC down rounds? Raising VC in Silicon Valley as

Selling a startup can come with an emotional cost

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What’s it like to walk away after pouring your heart and soul into building something? Ron Miller 9 hours Every founder dreams of building a

SaaS Ventures takes the investment road less traveled

September 19, 2020 0

Open since 2017, the firm just launched its second $20 million fund Ron Miller 1 day Most venture capital firms are based in hubs like

The stages of traditional fundraising

September 18, 2020 0

John Biggs Contributor John Biggs is a former TechCrunch editor and is currently the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo. He’s started and run a number of startups.