Microsoft starts testing a new news reading experience in Windows 10

April 8, 2020 0

Microsoft announced its latest Windows 10 preview build today and while that is a pretty routine affair these days, the company also used today’s announcement

LinkedIn has no plans to make COVID-19 related layoffs from now until end of fiscal year

April 8, 2020 0

LinkedIn has no plans to make COVID-related layoffs until at least the end of June 2020, the professional network has confirmed to TechCrunch. This announcements

Want to survive the downturn? Better build a platform

April 5, 2020 0

When you look at the most successful companies in the world, they are almost never just one simple service. Instead, they offer a platform with

Renesas Deepens its Collaboration With Microsoft Azure

April 3, 2020 0

Renesas and Microsoft had announced collaboration during October 2019 The duo is offering device-to-cloud experience for IoT developers Renesas Electronics Corporation (Renesas), a supplier of

IoT’s Mainstream Adoption an Opportunity to Collaborate For Semiconductor Firms: Microsoft

April 3, 2020 0

Microsoft is working with semiconductor companies to implement best practices for connected devices The company has deepened its existing collaborations and announced new collaborations The

It looks like Brandon Middaugh is heading up the $1B Microsoft climate fund

March 27, 2020 0

Earlier this year, Microsoft made waves in the corporate community by coming out with one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging strategies to reduce carbon

Tech giants should let startups defer cloud payments

March 26, 2020 0

Google, Amazon and Microsoft are the landlords. Amidst the coronavirus economic crisis, startups need a break from paying rent. They’re in a cash crunch. Revenue

5G and AI Driving Growth in Patent Applications and Digital Transformation: EPO

March 26, 2020 0

Patent applications in digital communication, as per EPO, grew by 19.6 per cent in 2019, overtaking medical technology Chinese companies contributed most to the growth

Microsoft says hackers are attacking Windows users with a new unpatched bug

March 23, 2020 0

Microsoft says attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed security vulnerability found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10. But the software giant said

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft CEOs detail their companies’ efforts to combat coronavirus pandemic

March 22, 2020 0

The tech industry is mobilizing its considerable resources to attempt to support efforts against the growing global coronavirus pandemic. Over the weekend, the CEOs of

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