Product Management

Customer feedback is a development opportunity

February 1, 2020 0

Kyle Lomeli Contributor Kyle Lomeli is the CTO and a founding engineer at Online commerce accounted for nearly $518 billion in revenue in the

Harvestr gathers user feedback in one place

January 18, 2020 0

Meet Harvestr, a software-as-a-service startup that wants to help product managers centralize customer feedback from various places. Product managers can then prioritize outstanding issues and

D2C companies deliver customer delight and simplicity

November 12, 2019 0

Ashwin Ramasamy Contributor Ashwin Ramasamy is the cofounder of PipeCandy, which provides algorithm-generated insights and predictions about ecommerce and D2C companies. His company helps investors,

‘The Operators’: Experts from Airbnb and Carta on building and managing your company’s customer support

August 9, 2019 0

Tim Hsia & Neil Devani Contributor More posts by this contributor ‘The Operators’: Experts from WeWork and Brex talk marketing – Getting the most bang

Why do media companies struggle to produce anything of value?

July 24, 2019 0

It’s the absolute best economy the United States has seen in decades, and yet, you wouldn’t know it from looking at the employee rolls at

A young entrepreneur is building the Amazon of Bangladesh

May 22, 2019 0

At just 26, Waiz Rahim is supposed to be involved in the family business, having returned home in 2016 with an engineering degree from the

These engineers are the driving force behind Temasek’s digital transformation

May 1, 2019 0

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Should you hire an in-house designer or a contractor?

April 8, 2019 0

Katherine Gustafson Contributor More posts by this contributor For Basecamp, brand identity and product development are all about the customer How to develop a brand

Three keys to cultivating an effective product development culture

April 4, 2019 0

Scott Tong Contributor Scott Tong is a startup advisor and entrepreneur in residence at IMO Ventures. Previously he was head of product design at Pinterest,

7 lessons I learned from 4 years of being a product manager

February 8, 2019 0

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