Inspired by spiders and wasps, these tiny drones pull 40x their own weight

October 26, 2018 0

If we want drones to do our dirty work for us, they’re going to need to get pretty good at hauling stuff around. But due

This robot uses lasers to ‘listen’ to its environment

October 16, 2018 0

[embedded content] A new technology from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will add sound and vibration awareness to create truly context-aware computing. The system, called

Watch Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot leap up massive steps like it’s nothing

October 12, 2018 0

Two years ago, Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot Atlas needed a big ol’ safety tether to shuffle its way down a flat hiking trail. Five years ago

DARPA wants to teach and test ‘common sense’ for AI

October 12, 2018 0

It’s a funny thing, AI. It can identify objects in a fraction of a second, imitate the human voice and recommend new music, but most

Mars Rover Curiosity is switching brains so it can fix itself

October 5, 2018 0

When you send something to space, it’s good to have redundancy. Sometimes you want to send two whole duplicate spacecraft just in case — as

Rethink Robotics closes after acquisition plans fall through

October 5, 2018 0

I’ve said it right here on these very pages: If hardware is hard, robotics are next to impossible. That truism is not better exemplified by

Bots replacing office workers drive big valuations

September 29, 2018 0

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor Getting personal: Funding rises for software-driven tastemakers The alumni of these universities raised the most VC in

Alibaba’s making robots now

September 20, 2018 0

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African experiments with drone technologies could leapfrog decades of infrastructure neglect

September 16, 2018 0

Jake Bright Contributor More posts by this contributor Harley-Davidson is opening a Silicon Valley R&D center to power EV production With a $10 million round,

Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning $118M

September 14, 2018 0

Drone operating system startup Airware today suddenly informed employees it will cease operations immediately despite having raised $118 million from top investors like Andreessen Horowitz,