Google will unveil the Pixel 4 and other new hardware on October 15

September 16, 2019 0

Google will reveal the next Pixel in greater detail at an event happening October 15 in New York, the company confirmed via invites sent to

Bytedance: The empire expands

September 12, 2019 0

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iFixit gives Fairphone 3 a perfect 10 for repairability

September 11, 2019 0

Here’s something the hermetically sealed iPhone can’t do: Score a perfect 10 for repairability. Smartphone startup and social enterprise Fairphone’s latest repairable-by-design smartphone has done

Fairphone 3 is a normal smartphone with ethical shine

September 8, 2019 0

How long have you been using your current smartphone? The answer for an increasing number of consumers is years, plural. After all, why upgrade every

Xiaomi has shipped 100 million smartphones in India

September 6, 2019 0

Xiaomi said on Friday it has shipped more than 100 million smartphones in India, its most important market, since beginning operations in the nation five

Malicious websites were used to secretly hack into iPhones for years, says Google

August 30, 2019 0

Security researchers at Google say they’ve found a number of malicious websites which, when visited, could quietly hack into a victim’s iPhone by exploiting a

How a Chinese accountant turned a dying factory to the world’s top display maker

August 29, 2019 0

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Zhiyun’s Smooth-Q2 aims to be the most portable quality smartphone gimbal available

August 28, 2019 0

Zhiyun has been steadily rolling out new gimbals for smartphones and dedicated cameras for a few years now, and the company’s quality and feature set

What you need to know about 5G on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link

August 27, 2019 0

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WeChat looks even more like an operating system now, thanks to Samsung

August 23, 2019 0

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