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Could developing renewable energy micro-grids make Energicity Africa’s utility of the future?

June 20, 2020 0

When Nicole Poindexter left the energy efficiency focused startup, Opower a few months after the company’s public offering, she wasn’t sure what would come next.

YC startup Felix wants to replace antibiotics with programmable viruses

March 22, 2020 0

Right now the world is at war. But this is no ordinary war. It’s a fight with an organism so small we can only detect

Financing for social impact and climate businesses gets a billion dollar boost with new KKR fund

February 13, 2020 0

KKR, the multi-billion dollar, multi-strategy investment firm, has closed on over $1.3 billion for companies focused on social and environmental challenges. KKR Global Impact says

Sundance: In Miss Americana, Taylor Swift demotes the Internet

January 27, 2020 0

In nearly a decade of attending Sundance, I’ve never seen a scene like the premiere of the documentary Miss Americana, detailing the last year and

India shuts down internet once again, this time in Assam and Meghalaya

December 14, 2019 0

India maintained a shutdown of the internet in the states of Assam and Meghalaya on Friday, now into 36 hours, to control protests over a

Finding free money for your social impact startup

December 3, 2019 0

David Teten Contributor David Teten is an advisor to emerging investment managers and a Venture Partner with HOF Capital. He was previously a partner for

Meet Facebook’s latest fake

September 21, 2019 0

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a 35-year-old billionaire who keeps refusing to sit in front of international parliamentarians to answer questions about his ad business’ impact

Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system

May 4, 2019 0

Smart cities are designed to make life easier for their residents: better traffic management by clearing routes, making sure the public transport is running on

Shiok Meats takes the cultured meat revolution to the seafood aisle with plans for cultured shrimp

March 17, 2019 0

Rising consumer interest in alternative proteins and meat replacements has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to companies trying to grow or replace beef or

Japan’s “Society 5.0” initiative is a roadmap for today’s entrepreneurs

February 3, 2019 0

Mark Minevich Contributor Japan, still suffering the consequences of its ‘Lost Decade’ of economic stagnation, is eyeing a transformation more radical than any the industrialized

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