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These leaders are coming to Robotics + AI on March 3. Why aren’t you?

February 23, 2020 0

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI brings together a wide group of the ecosystem’s leading minds on March 3 at UC Berkeley. Over 1,000+ attendees are

An adult sexting site exposed thousands of models’ passports and driver’s licenses

January 26, 2020 0

A popular sexting website has exposed thousands of photo IDs belonging to models and sex workers who earn commissions from the site. SextPanther, an Arizona-based

Google makes moving data to its cloud easier

December 13, 2019 0

Google Cloud today announced Transfer Service, a new service for enterprises that want to move their data from on-premise systems to the cloud. This new

Over 750,000 applications for US birth certificate copies exposed online

December 10, 2019 0

An online company that allows users to obtain a copy of their birth and death certificates from U.S. state governments has exposed a massive cache

A Sprint contractor left thousands of US cell phone bills on the internet by mistake

December 5, 2019 0

A contractor working for cell giant Sprint stored on an unprotected cloud server hundreds of thousands of cell phone bills of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile

AWS launches discounted spot capacity for its Fargate container platform

December 4, 2019 0

AWS today quietly brought spot capacity to Fargate, its serverless compute engine for containers that supports both the company’s Elastic Container Service and, now, its

Hundreds of exposed Amazon cloud backups found leaking sensitive data

August 10, 2019 0

How safe are your secrets? If you used Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage snapshots, you might want to check your settings. New research just presented at

Amazon says U.S. government demands for customer data went up

August 1, 2019 0

Amazon said the U.S. government asked more data from the company during the first-half of 2019 than on the previous six-month period. The latest figures

Startups Weekly: SoftBank’s second act

July 27, 2019 0

Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a weekend newsletter that dives into the week’s noteworthy startups and venture capital news. Before I jump into

Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI in new multiyear partnership

July 22, 2019 0

Microsoft is making a $1 billion bet on OpenAI, the company formed by notable founders including Elon Musk and Sam Altman three years ago with

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