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Google Envisions Switching to Mainline Linux Kernel for Android

November 22, 2019 0

Android uses a custom forked version of the Linux Kernel Duplication of effort will be avoided between mainline kernel and Android’s implementation Google revolutionised the smartphone space

Using mmWave to Simulate 5G Networks

April 10, 2019 0

Advertisement 5G is the fifth generation of mobile cellular technology. There are both high expectations from and fears about this technology. Generally, it is expected

Unspecified Behaviour in C and C++

April 3, 2019 0

Advertisement This article covers the various aspects of unspecified behaviour in the C and C++ programming languages. It is a sequel to earlier articles on

The Best Machine Learning Libraries in Julia

March 29, 2019 0

Advertisement Machine learning (ML) is ubiquitous these days. This article introduces useful machine learning libraries in Julia, the developer base for which is growing fast.

Top 10 Open Source Media Server Software in 2018

March 11, 2019 0

Advertisement A media server is simply a device that stores and shares media – audio, video, photos, books, etc. This broad definition covers a wide

Speeding Up Data Visualisation with Julia

February 27, 2019 0

Advertisement Today’s real-time applications deal with large volumes of data. The mammoth size of the data makes it mandatory to have powerful visualisation tools. This

Best 8 React Native Libraries You Should Know in 2019

January 22, 2019 0

Advertisement We have seen massive advancements in technology over the past years. Only a few sectors have witnessed unprecedented growth; one of them is the

The Best Open Source IDEs for Windows Developers

December 20, 2018 0

Advertisement The use of IDEs has become a part of the best practices adopted for developing software applications. IDEs can greatly enhance the coding experience

Open Source Firewalls: The Best in the Business

December 16, 2018 0

Advertisement Firewalls form a vital part of the network security system, isolating the network from all kinds of intrusions. This article discusses some open source

Running Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox

December 12, 2018 0

Advertisement Many Windows users, especially those thinking of transiting to Linux, would like to first try out the latter on their Windows machines. Here’s a

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