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Understanding Undefined Behaviour in C

October 28, 2018 0

Advertisement In computer programming, undefined behaviour is defined as ‘the result of compiling computer code which is not prescribed by the specs of the programming

Windows Phone Bootloader Unlocking Tool Goes Open Source

October 27, 2018 0

Advertisement Tool developer, Rene Lergner aka Heathcliff74 announced that source code for WPInternals is now present at Github for users to modify and bug fix

Infosys Releases Enterprise Class Open Source DevOps Platform

October 25, 2018 0

Advertisement Enterprise class open source DevOps Platform has been released on GitHub, it accelerates application delivery across enterprise portfolios Infosys has launched enterprise class integrated

StarlingX Open Source Edge Cloud Software First Release Available Now

October 25, 2018 0

Advertisement StarlingX open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform has a fully integrated stack to support distributed edge applications StarlingX open source edge computing

A Primer on RabbitMQ, the Popular Open Source Message Broker

October 19, 2018 0

Advertisement RabbitMQ is the most popular and widely deployed message broker and it happens to be open source. Its versatility makes it easily deployable in

Open-Source Email Security Platform Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.1 Released

October 12, 2018 0

Advertisement Proxmox Mail Gateway GmbH released an advance version 5.1 and has new features, bug fixes, GUI improvements and new Transport Layer Security policy. Proxmox

Machine Learning and Smartphones: A Powerful Combination

September 24, 2018 0

Advertisement The combination of smartphones and machine learning presents a formidable tool to solve problems that were almost impossible to overcome earlier. As mobile hardware

The Impact of AI and ML on Cyber Security

September 11, 2018 0

Advertisement Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the natural order of things—right from how we work and how the economy runs, to the nature