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TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

January 20, 2020 0

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by

LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh explains why her company raised another $54M

January 19, 2020 0

‘This is the very, very beginning of something much bigger’ Greg Kumparak @grg / 24 hours This week, LaunchDarkly announced that it has raised another

Facebook Releases Open Source Speech Recognition Platform [email protected]

January 17, 2020 0

[email protected] was developed by by Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Research has predicted that the joint speech and voice recognition market would be worth $31.82 billion

At CES, companies slowly start to realize that privacy matters

January 12, 2020 0

Every year, Consumer Electronics Show attendees receive a branded backpack, but this year’s edition was special; made out of transparent plastic, the bag’s contents were

Cross-border investments aren’t dead, they’re getting smarter

January 11, 2020 0

Yohei Nakajima Contributor Yohei Nakajima is an investor at Scrum Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund based in San Francisco, and Senior Vice President at

Zuckerberg ditches annual challenges, but needs cynics to fix 2030

January 10, 2020 0

Mark Zuckerberg won’t be spending 2020 focused on wearing ties, learning Mandarin or just fixing Facebook. “Rather than having year-to-year challenges, I’ve tried to think

Over two dozen encryption experts call on India to rethink changes to its intermediary liability rules

January 10, 2020 0

Security and encryption experts from around the world are joining a number of organizations to call on India to reconsider its proposed amendments to local

Will online privacy make a comeback in 2020?

January 9, 2020 0

Last year was a landmark for online privacy in many ways, with something of a consensus emerging that consumers deserve protection from the companies that

Finding the right reporter to cover your startup

January 4, 2020 0

Pitch the wrong reporter or publication, and your story won’t see the light of day. Before you start seeking press, you’ll need to look for

Tech’s biggest companies are worth ~$5T as 2019’s epic stock market run wraps

January 1, 2020 0

Look, this is the last post I’m writing in 2019 and I’m tired. But I can’t let the year close without taking stock of how