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SUSE Offers Free Linux Support To Medical Devices Manufacturers To Fight COVID-19

April 3, 2020 0

These SUSE solutions are available immediately to help speed time to market for device manufacturers SUSE is also offering free support for its container and

IEEE Standards Association Launches Open Source Collaboration Platform IEEE SA Open

April 3, 2020 0

It has made the platform available to anyone developing open-source projects It said that this platform will help developers to increase their project’s visibility, drive

How Digital Platforms Are Enabling A Data-Driven World

April 3, 2020 0

Digital platforms are creating a more global labour market by keeping virtual teams connected and giving them the flexibility to set their schedule. Such platforms

Disk and File Management Tools that Make Life Simpler

April 2, 2020 0

If spare disk space could be sold, everyone would become rich. The gigabytes of free space in an average computer enables users to store more

Be Prepared for Disasters with Open Source Software

April 1, 2020 0

Disaster may strike anytime, anywhere. And when it does, all is lost for those who are not prepared for it. Disaster preparedness and recovery are

Eclipse Foundation Releases Open Source Software Theia 1.0

April 1, 2020 0

Eclipse Foundation said that this will be an open source alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) software. The Theia project was started by

The Open Way of Managing Containers

March 31, 2020 0

For developers and administrators in the current IT-transformed world, container management is a daily activity for creating, maintaining and upgrading an application. The most popular

Add Superpowers to your Tests with Taiko

March 30, 2020 0

Figure 1: UI test suite issues Taiko is a free and open source browser automation tool built from the ground up to make browser automation

Using SQL for Regression Analysis

March 27, 2020 0

This article is a sequel to our earlier one on using SQL for data analysis. In case they’ve missed it, readers are advised to read

The Art of Reverse Engineering

March 27, 2020 0

A Crackme program is an executable file and usually, on execution, you are supposed to provide a password. This article is a tutorial on cracking