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Irdeto Launches Trusted Home to Enable IoT Security Through Smart Home Gateway

September 16, 2019 0

New solution enables communication service providers (CSPs) to secure the entire smart home beyond the router It puts consumers in control of their own protection

Cyber Security Services Releases List Of Key Measures For Minimising Cyber Threats

September 4, 2019 0

It includes basic step such as keeping strong passwords to advanced method as implementing NAC (Network Access Control) Billions of devices such as security cameras,

Optimizing Data Storage Environment: From Edge to Fog to Cloud

August 13, 2019 0

One of the biggest factors driving data is video, and it is pushing the requirement to have more and more storage/internal memory. Thus the need to

IoT-focused Cyber Attack is Common in Automotive Sector: Survey

June 13, 2019 0

A total of 90 per cent of manufacturers and 95 per cent of users of IoT devices said that the cyber security of IoT devices could

Sony Develops an IoT Chip with a Range of 60 Mile

May 30, 2019 0

The chip is integrated with global positioning system (GPS)/global navigation satellite system (GNSS) sensors to get time and position data Sony has developed an Internet

Over 90 Per cent of Data Transactions are Unencrypted on IoT Devices

May 29, 2019 0

The devices without data encryption in their connections are highly vulnerable to several types of man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, says the report More than 90 per

Business Opportunities IoT-enabled Home Devices Offer to Brands

May 28, 2019 0

IoT connected devices come with a plethora of data, which can be used wisely to get into strategic partnership with various stakeholders By Smriti Talwar

Infineon Becomes Advanced Technology Partner to Amazon Web Services

May 25, 2019 0

The security and microcontroller solutions of Infineon have successfully passed several validations for AWS Greengrass IoT Core and Amazon FreeRTOS Infineon Technologies AG, a leading

Arduino Launches SIM-Only Service for Arduino IoT Cloud

May 23, 2019 0

Arduino SIM is fully integrated with Arduino IoT Cloud, making cellular IoT accessible to everyone from manufacturers to professionals across fields Arduino announced the launch

MediaTek Introduces New Rich IoT Program Based on Open Standards

May 23, 2019 0

Under the latest program, MediaTek is introducing new chipsets including the powerful edge AI technology for display, voice, object recognition and other features MediaTek, a

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