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Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools (Part 1 of 2)

February 6, 2020 0

The once-polarizing world of open-source software has recently become one of the hotter destinations for VCs. As the popularity of open source increases among organizations

Where top VCs are investing in open source and dev tools (Part 2 of 2)

February 6, 2020 0

In part two of a survey that asks top VCs about exciting opportunities in open source and dev tools, we dig into responses from 10

Creating a Dynamic DNS Server Using Twisted Python

February 6, 2020 0

This article discusses an event-driven networking framework called Twisted Python, with which one can build a Web server, email server, DNS server, IRC bot and

A Guide to Real-time Data Extraction from the Cloud

February 4, 2020 0

Web scraping, also called Web harvesting or Web data extraction, is essentially the process of extracting copious amounts of data from websites and saving it

How to Analyse Big Data Using the ELK Stack

February 3, 2020 0

This article introduces users to the ELK stack. Apart from discussing how it helps in better data analytics, there are detailed explanations about the internal

Hyperledger Releases 2.0 Version Of Open Source Fabric Software

February 2, 2020 0

The new version has also added data privacy feature on a need-to-know basis Hyperledger was established in 2015 by the Linux Foundation Hyperledger has released

Ml5.js: Machine Learning Made More User-Friendly

February 2, 2020 0

Machine learning is everywhere these days. No wonder people from diverse backgrounds want to acquire ML skills. However, the interfacing is complex for those without

Using MySQL and Pivot Tables for Data Analysis

January 31, 2020 0

Data analysis requires the extraction, cleansing, transformation, sorting and the modelling of data in order to derive useful results from it—to make useful deductions and

Cloud Based Free Platforms for Secure Backup and Recovery of Data

January 30, 2020 0

Cloud storage is a method by which computer data is stored in logical pools. The data can be physically stored in different servers at diverse

Why SQL Should Be Used for Data Analysis

January 29, 2020 0

A basic knowledge of SQL and its query language is essential for any aspiring data analyst and data scientist. This article discusses SQL and its