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Move over Slack — Space is a new project management platform for developers

December 8, 2019 0

While file sharing, time tracking, email integration, Gantt charts and budget management are usually some of the most requested features in the average project management

Why Notion is staying small as its valuation gets bigger

December 3, 2019 0

Work tools startup Notion, which recently reached a reported $800 million valuation, isn’t on the verge of a big SoftBank round. In fact, COO Akshay

Startups Weekly: Understanding Uber’s latest fintech play

November 2, 2019 0

Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a weekend newsletter that dives into the week’s noteworthy startups and venture capital news. Before I jump into

Benchling’s software for managing biotech research nabs $34.5 million

July 24, 2019 0

In a field where the laboratory notebook is still considered the state of the art, it’s no wonder a company like Benchling, which provides software

Tara.ai, which uses machine learning to spec out and manage engineering projects, nabs $10M

July 1, 2019 0

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly important component of how a lot of technology works; now it’s also being applied to how technologists themselves work.

By 2030, 80 per cent of Project Management Tasks Will Be Taken Over by AI: Gartner

March 23, 2019 0

By 2023, technology providers, which are focused on AI, digital and virtual reality, will disrupt the program and portfolio management market As artificial intelligence (AI) is to take