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After VCs spend millions Nigeria restricts ride-hail motorbike taxis

February 12, 2020 0

Nigeria’s commercial hub of Lagos has shaken up its transportation order. At the center are the West African country’s motorcycle taxis — referred to locally

At CES, Schneider Electric unveils its own upgrade to the traditional fusebox

January 9, 2020 0

As renewable energy and energy efficiency continue to make gains among cost-conscious consumers, more companies are looking at ways to give customers better ways to

Pachama launches to support global reforestation through carbon markets

January 4, 2020 0

The world’s forests are ablaze, under threat from illegal logging and disappearing due to the less dramatic environmental degradation wrought by drought and other signs

Dutch startup Meatable is developing lab-grown pork and has $10 million in new financing to do it

December 8, 2019 0

Meatable, the Dutch startup developing cruelty-free technologies for manufacturing cultured meat, is pivoting to pork production as a swine flu epidemic ravages one quarter of

Amazon’s “climate pledge” commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and 100% renewables by 2030

September 19, 2019 0

In Washington today, Amazon announced a series of initiatives and issued call for companies to reduce their carbon emissions ten years ahead of the goals

Walmart and Tesla are going to try and work things out

August 24, 2019 0

Walmart came out swinging earlier this week in a lawsuit that accused Tesla of breach of contract and gross negligence over problems with rooftop solar

Tesla pitches a solar rental program to boost its renewable energy business

August 19, 2019 0

Tesla is pitching customers on a new rental offering for solar power as a way to revive the flagging fortunes of its renewable energy business.

Energy Vault raises $110 million from SoftBank Vision Fund as energy storage grabs headlines

August 15, 2019 0

Imagine a moving tower made of huge cement bricks weighing 35 metric tons. The movement of these massive blocks is powered by wind or solar

Singapore energy startup Electrify to raise $5m in series A funding

August 14, 2019 0

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Heat waves bring record-breaking temperatures on a geological scale

July 6, 2019 0

From Alaska to Europe, the world has spent the past few weeks roasting under temperatures never before seen in recorded history. In Alaska, all-time-high record

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