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Toothless: Facebook proposes a weak Oversight Board

January 29, 2020 0

Facebook’s internal “Supreme Court” can’t set precedents, can’t make decisions about Facebook Dating or Marketplace, and can’t oversee WhatsApp, Oculus, or any messaging feature, according

Product Hunt launches beta of YourStack, a home for your favorite things

January 29, 2020 0

The team behind Product Hunt is launching a new social network called YourStack, a platform aiming to connect people that are passionate about products and

Study of YouTube comments finds evidence of radicalization effect

January 29, 2020 0

Research presented at the ACM FAT 2020 conference in Barcelona today supports the notion that YouTube’s platform is playing a role in radicalizing users via

Vine reboot Byte officially launches

January 25, 2020 0

Two years after Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann announced he was building a successor to the short-form video app, today Byte makes its debut on iOS

Wikipedia now has more than 6 million articles in English

January 24, 2020 0

Wikipedia has surpassed a notable milestone today: The English version of the world’s largest online encyclopedia now has more than six million articles. The feat,

Yo Facebook & Instagram, stop showing Stories reruns

January 23, 2020 0

If I watch a Story cross-posted from Instagram to Facebook on either of the apps, it should appear as “watched” at the back of the

India likely to force Facebook, WhatsApp to identify the originator of messages

January 22, 2020 0

New Delhi is inching closer to recommending regulations that would require social media companies and instant messaging app providers to help law enforcement agencies identify

TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

January 20, 2020 0

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by

Instagram drops IGTV button, but only 1% downloaded the app

January 19, 2020 0

At most, 7 million of Instagram’s 1 billion-plus users have downloaded its standalone IGTV app in the 18 months since launch. And now, Instagram’s main

Instagram adds Boomerang effects as TikTok looms

January 11, 2020 0

TikTok has spawned countless memes formats from its creative effects, challenging Instagram for the filtered video crown. Now nearly five years after launching Boomerang, Instagram’s

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