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Webinar on Securing Connected Devices: The Key to Future-Proof IoT Deployments

June 30, 2020 0

The IoT explosion has put the spotlight on cybersecurity as governments and businesses strive to keep their software and systems safe amidst an increase in

How To Secure Assets And Data In The Realm Of IoT

June 18, 2020 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become an inseparable part of our life. It is true that IoT has brought many advantages on the

IoT Security needs to be the bedrock of Smart City Development

June 11, 2020 0

In the last 5 years we have seen many announcements and investments around the development of “smart cities” in Southeast Asia, including Singapore’s “Smart Nation”

Spending on Hyper Intelligent Automation to Reach $42 Billion by 2025: Zinnov

June 11, 2020 0

Factory manufacturing Robot Process Automation (RPA) can be used for automation of both labor-intensive customer-facing processes as well as back-end processes Adoption of RPA is

Parking 4.0: The Next-Generation Parking Management System

June 4, 2020 0

Automotive, automation, ITS and telecom industries are showing great interest in the smart parking market as part of a broader smart city and the Internet

Edge And Fog Computing: Their Practical Uses

May 6, 2020 0

This article is based on a talk by Chetan Kumar S. at India Electronics Week 2019, organised by EFY Group, where he informed how Fog

Digital Transformation With Industry 4.0

May 4, 2020 0

Digitisation in the industrial manufacturing segment is about using capacity and a properly-calibrated information-driven solution to solve problems and reduce pain-points in the enterprise. Technologies

Data Migration To Cloud: Security And Other Key Elements

May 2, 2020 0

Cloud providers are responsible for security of their own infrastructure; however, security of application is left up to cloud users. During the last few years,

Smart Home, Smart City And Smart Nation

April 24, 2020 0

Technology plays a crucial role in empowering smart citizens, strengthening smart societies, building smart cities and, ultimately, becoming smart nations. What does the word smart

The Perils Of Trivialising The IoT Security

April 16, 2020 0

This article is based on a talk by Sumanth Naropanth at India Electronics Week 2019 organised by EFY Group, where he talked about whose responsibility

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